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The following solutions have been provided to our key clients throughout various phases of their technological platform upgrades. Our selected Key References have implemented all of the following solutions in their enterprise environments.

Internetworking Design and Integration:
NCI posses the comprehensive internetworking skills required to identify and understand complex business requirements. This is integral in creating a baseline network design and deployment strategy and facilitates a successful rollout and continued support.


Network and Systems Management:
The key to a manageable network is one that was initially designed as a system with all the necessary visibility into critical areas of status, performance and utilization. Proper network management enables growth modeling and quality of service for all users.

Wireless Network Survey, Design and Deployment:
One of the most popular trends in networking today is the ability to be connected to information untethered. NCI has a proven methodology for designing a predictable performance based wireless solution for secured users as well as welcomed guests.

Voice over IP:
Whether wired or wireless voice capability on the enterprise network is fast becoming more popular defining today’s converged network. NCI has deployed many facets of VoIP solutions available today including some of the largest solutions deployed in healthcare today.

Network Assurance, Security and Access:
As a premier provider of intelligent network security solutions, NCI has designed and deployed leading technology solutions thus protecting networks from outside threats while providing welcomed guest access. This authentication methodology provides improved adoption making authorized access easy.