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NCI's professional services encompass five phases of the development cycle of our customers' computer systems including planning, design, implementation, operation and optimization. We serve our customers at any or all phases:

In the planning phase, Networking Concepts focuses on providing customers with strategic and tactical reviews of their current and/or future computer requirements.


In this phase of system development Networking Concepts addresses the design of physical, logical and operational information infrastructures. These services involve detailing the computer specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve customers' business and personal objectives. Networking Concepts generates a set of working papers that identify the specific technologies to be used and how these technologies will be configured and implemented. These services also take into consideration how the new technology will integrate into the customers' existing hardware and software and how it will be managed on an ongoing basis. Examples of services provided by Networking Concepts in the computer design phase include:

  • Defining functional requirements
  • Developing multi-vendor set-up and configuration plans
  • Preparing technical design documentation
  • Developing engineering specifications and documents
  • Preparing RFP specifications or other make/buy criteria
  • Providing detailed component purchasing lists

This segment of the development process includes high value-added computer services and traditional system installation functions, such as hardware installation. Networking Concepts is experienced in installing new systems without disrupting ongoing business operations, thereby adding value and reducing risk to customers. Networking Concepts customizes an implementation plan for each customer, which may include the following activities:

  • Project Management
  • Integrating new hardware and software products and systems
  • Preparing installation documentation, conformance testing and compliance certification
  • Building computer operations and management centers
  • Re-configuring and upgrading computer elements, systems and facilities.

This phase includes ongoing tasks necessary to keep the customer's computer fully operational. Networking Concepts has experience in delivering operations services to a range of clients.


This stage of the development cycle is aimed at maximizing the rate of return on information technology investments on behalf of the customer through operating cost reductions and increased computer utilization. Although optimization may be viewed as a separate stage of the computer life cycle, it is closely linked with the other phase of the computer life cycle. Long-term optimization services address issues such as cost containment and utilization, and are often aimed at optimizing infrastructure. Optimization services can also be packaged as discrete projects, designed to present alternatives for optimization of workgroup, departmental, building or campus investments. Examples of Networking Concepts optimization services include:

  • Recommendations for efficient allocation of bandwidth
  • Network traffic analysis, identification of bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for change